Farm to Market Foods isn't just a brand that produces premium quality food. It's also our kettle cook team in Santo, Texas.The team produces all our products that are branded as Kajun Kettle Foods and Farm To Market Foods, as well as products for other individuals and companies. Using finely tuned process and procedure our kettle cook team creates safe, consistent, boil in bag products in our 25,000 square foot kettle cook facility. Our kettle cook facility is FDA, USDA, and BRC certified. We also have various products that we create for clients and ourselves that are Halal and Gluten Free certified.

Using our boil in bag technology the team creates products that can be heated and served making long food prep times a thing of the past. Since we freeze the product fast it retains its freshness and quality.

If you are looking for a co-packer or are interested in creating a product to sell or use in your business, we invite you to contact us for a plant visit. Let us introduce you to our team and show you how we can be partners in success.